Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Great balls of wire...

Apologies for the corny title but I couldn't resist!

Remember when I bought these pendant lights back in April??  Well today they went up above the dining table!!

And we love them!

I ended up buying 2 new ceiling plates as pictured above for $10 each because the ones that came with the lights were a little cheap looking.  Still though, $72.50 each in total isn't bad.

We've still only got bare bulbs everywhere else for now but we'll focus on the rest of those a 'lil bit later.

In other news, the backyard is coming along really well.  I'll post some progress shots soon.


Shayne said...

Love them!! They look fantastic, and a great price too. The pendants I want for above my dining table come out at around $500 each. Ouch. And I need two!

Looking forward to some more pics :)

Thigee said...

Looks good Karla.

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