Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mud Rooms

Mud Rooms.  Got one? Need one? Want one?  Or are you wondering what on earth I'm on about?

Mud Rooms seem to be more of an American thang but I think they're starting to feature over here in Australia a little more.  Or is that just what I'm noticing?

Mud Rooms separate the inside from the outside and provide a spot for your coats, bags, shoes, dog leashes, keys and any other bits & bobs.  Our new house will have one right next to the laundry and will be the spot where we enter the house after parking in the garage.

Here's a photo taken from one of the Eden Brae display homes to pretty much show just what ours will look like: 


And here are some great ideas for mudrooms I've come across. 

Starting with this one which is my favourite. Very organised, functional, simple yet stylish.  I love the storage seat!  Great to hide the boys shoes in and a spot to plonk the boys on while I put their shoes on!  Boxes hide all the mess.  Love it!

Then we have the following 2 which appear to have a 'locker' for each family member.  Very organised and functional, though you'd need to be a little more tidy with these ones, having everything on display!

Here's another one.  Neat, simple and tidy.

And lastly, this cute little one was put together by Maillardville Manor and is only 5 x 4 foot small big.  Not quite the look I'm after but I do like the way she's used the space and I particularly love the monogram on the mirror.  Handy spot to have a mirror really.  And check out those fold up hooks from Ikea under the mirror!  Great if space is limited.

So there you go, a few ideas on mudrooms.  What does yours look like?

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