Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's all about pools today

Because we've not bitten off more than we can chew or anything we thought we'd look at some pools today that we'd like to eventually put in.  Will probably be a year or 2 off but doesn't hurt to dream, right?

Due to land size, we're restricted to a pool about 5m x 3m and think the Harmony pool from Leisure Pools fits the bill nicely.  Here's a pic:

And here it shows what it looks like without water. I like the safety step along the side (great for the kids and short people like me ;))

That nifty little water feature actually stores the pump and everything inside it.  Not compulsory to have but adds quite a nice touch I think.

These are fibreglass inground pools and the best bit is they offer a DIY service as well, complete with a template to dig the hole, engineering plans to submit to council, detailed instructions, telephone assistance and the same warrantee the pool would have if installed by pool company!  Pretty good I reckon.

Also plan on having one of these glass style pool fences:

The price tag surrounding pools is quite frightening and I've heard the $50,000 figure used more than once from friends!!!!  That is so not in our price range so B reckons if we DIY we'll save a bucket load.

Just waiting on quotes now.  Eyeing off their finance offer too!!

ETA: Had a chat with the consultant and if they do the entire lot i.e. dig hole, lodge plans, install pool etc it will cost around $25,000.  To do it all ourselves, it will cost around $12,000!  Certainly do-able.  Not right now but in the foreseeable future!

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Thanks for sharing the information,the pics are beautiful of harmony pool.

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