Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Decorating ideas and accent colours

I've been putting a lot of thought into decorating our yet to be built house recently!  I think it ties me over when sometimes nothing else seems to be happening with the build.

Aaaaages ago I mentioned to B that I was thinking of Duck Egg Blue as an accent colour in our living / family rooms (one big open plan area).  We have chocolate brown lounges, dining table, dining chairs and basically a bit too much chocolate brown.  Lovely but kinda over did it a few years back.

Here's an example of Duck Egg Blue:

As lovely as our furniture is, if I had my time again or a lovely big budget to work with I'd get at least one of the lounge suites in a creamy / off white colour and have 2 single arm chairs in a complimentary fabric.  I also would have gotten a cream suede covered dining room chair to compliment the dark brown dining table.  Anyhoo, no such luck to the fabbo!  So my thoughts are now to balance out the darker furnishings with some lighter colours - namely whites and duck egg blues.

Then I threw a spanner in the works and bought a gorgeous new empire red kitchenaid recently!!!  This made me think that I *should* do my accent colours in red however as much as I love the colour red, it just wasn't the direction I wanted to go in. 

Isn't she lovely?

While perusing one of my absolutely favourite blogs Young House Love recently, I stumbled across exactly the colour scheme I've been looking for on one of their mood boards!!  They've tied in perfectly the chocolate brown, whites, glass, duck egg blue and thrown in a tan kind of colour to tie it all in and add 'layers' and 'depth' (these are my new decorating words ha ha) to the room.  Best part is, B loves it too!  Phew!

I already have some of those gorgeous apothecary jars, bought from Sharnel Dollar Designs about a month ago!

As for my lovely little Kitchenaid, she'll just be a nice pop of colour in the kitchen.  After all, I want everything to compliment each other but not be overly matchy.

So here I am, now trying to find some gorgeous duck egg blue rugs.  They're virtually non-existant here in Australia from my searches so far!  I have however found some gorgeous ones online in the US!  They're quite reasonably priced too so it may actually work out ok to have one shipped here.

Here are some of my favourites so far....

 Apparently this one is classed as grey but certainly looks similar to the colours I'm after...

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